8 Huge Video Game Announcements That Just Leaked Ahead Of E3 2017

A SNES Classic Mini? Hell.YES.

E3 2017
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From leaks, spoilers and announcement-teases to new products and surprise company decisions, don't you just love E3 season?

We're kicking things off a little earlier than usual being the event isn't until June 13th, as that hasn't stopped all manner of snap-happy scoopers and developer asides letting a variety of cats out of the bag. To be fair it's nothing new, and in the case of something like Darksiders III earlier in May, you have to wonder if there's a strategic element to 'leaking' something ahead of time, just to gauge interest from the consumer.

Regardless, E3 always comes with a bevy of talking points, and going into 2017's show, there are a number of supremely important questions about the shape of the industry that must be answered.

For example... where the hell are Microsoft? We know the Scorpio is coming, and you can rest assured they'll have a ton of demos to show off its substantial power, but as a competitive entity against Sony? They've been in the dust for months at this point.

New Nintendo Switch exclusives, any semblance that VR is still alive, Sony's plans for the PS4's remaining years? It's all to play for, though first up, Microsoft have one hell of an opening gambit...

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