8 Major Worries For The Nintendo Switch In 2018

So, Nintendo Switch Online... what are we paying for again?


As if straight from a fairy tale, the Switch took the world by storm last year, far surpassing its predecessor's lifetime sales in a matter of months. Nintendo had saved itself from further embarrassment, lost faith had been restored and Ninty fans could once more enjoy the pleasures of owning a successful - and well-supported - piece of Nintendo-brand hardware.

So, one year on, what's the sit-rep now the honeymoon period that goes hand-in-hand with shiny new hardware has expired? The Switch is a huge, deserved success, but a potential storm is brewing and Nintendo would do well to curb its danger before the floods come and wash away all of its hard work.

Streaming apps, Virtual Console, cloud saves: these are the sorts of standard features that shouldn't still be missing a year after launch, nor should a lack of transparency in regards to the Switch's paid online service.

It Ninty can answer these queries, deliver on missing features in due time and avoid repeating mistakes of the past, then our worries will subside along with the dark clouds hanging over its future, but as of now, there's still work to be done.

The Switch is a success, let's hope it stays that way.


Joe is a freelance games journalist who, while not spending every waking minute selling himself to websites around the world, spends his free time writing. Most of it makes no sense, but when it does, he treats each article as if it were his Magnum Opus - with varying results.