8 Reasons Why We’re Still Playing Dead Island

There’s still plenty of reason to jump back into the tropical island of Banoi for some good ol’ fashioned zombie slaying.

Michael Shelton


Dead Island wasn’t quite what everyone was expecting once it finally launched in September of last year. With the beautifully constructed announcement trailer Techland released fan expectations were running extremely high.

Sadly, what they delivered wasn’t quite what everyone was expecting. Yet, that’s not to say many us didn’t enjoy it, because it still managed to give players a zombie game that was purely fun to play. Sure the controls weren’t quite polished off, and the story was certainly not the emotionally charged ride we were expecting, but hey, there’s just nothing quite like curb stomping a zombie in Dead Island.

Needless to say, we’re still swinging our machetes away at the living dead. Roaming the many locations that the infected island has to offer provides a great opportunity to utilize many of the game’s features, and leaves us searching for many of the game’s collectibles. This list isn’t in order of particular importance, it merely serves as eight solid reasons that Dead Island keeps us swimming back to shore for the zombie apocalypse.


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