8 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About God Of War

When half your plot is setup for the sequel, something's wrong.

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Though everyone expected the latest God of War sequel/reboot to be good, nobody expected it to be one of the biggest runaway successes of the entire generation. Beating out the likes of Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn to become the highest rated Playstation exclusive so far, Kratos' return has helped establish the kind of projects the PS4 - and Sony specifically - are going to be known for moving forward: Ambitious, character-driven action games.

Smashing everyone's worries that Kratos' son Atreus would be too annoying, that grounded combat would detract from the series' signature set-piece battles or that it was trying too hard to be like The Last of Us, developers Sony Santa Monica did more than prove people wrong:

They reclaimed Kratos' position as a pillar of Playstation.

With all that said, this is very much a reintroduction of Kratos in the console space; a stepping stone to reestablish the character in a world that had seemingly moved on from his style of mindless hack-and-slash game design. It's a damn confident stepping stone, obviously, but there are still plenty of ways the developers can improve upon such solid foundations in the inevitable sequel.

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