8 Video Games That Predicted The Future In Ways You Can't Explain

8. Gary Coleman's Death & The Gulf Oil Rig Explosion In Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Though it takes a bit of work doing to uncover, someone at Bethesda was clearly reading the horoscopes back in 2008.

Firstly you need to kill the beloved radio host, Three Dog (I know... just go with it), as when you later return, he'll have been replaced by someone called Margaret in person, and a series of blips n' bloops on the radio.

What could they be? Why, Morse code of course!

Understandably, it took little time for the community to catch on, deciphering the noises to reveal a set of messages that at the time, didn't seem to mean a whole lot. However, most notably are two allusions to specific events that would then come true only two years later.

First up is "Accident in the gulf, several dead. Oil spill averted”, which ties into 2010's horrific Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that took four months to stop, and second is "What are you talkin' about? You'll be missed", the first half pertaining to Gary Coleman's iconic catchphrase, and the latter weirdly acknowledging the actor's death - though that also wouldn't happen until May 2010.

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