8 Ways The Video Game Industry Punishes Its Most Loyal Consumers

Know when you're being taken for a ride.

Assassin S Creed Unity

Loyalty is a funny concept when you really think about it, because somewhere along the line, it can just as easily turn into 'blind obedience'.

Case in point: The gaming industry. It's very easy when your favourite pastime is indulging in ethereal fantasy realms or blasting alien hordes, to acknowledge that you're being taken advantage of. Not in a truly nefarious, necessarily damaging way, but the various industry's playmakers didn't learn how to let billions of dollars slide through their fingers on a daily basis without exploiting some nigh-on genius business tactics.

On the one hand, you've really got to admire something like microtransactions. They're so effortlessly effective and implementable across every genre, there's a twisted fascination to just how much money they make on a daily basis that is certainly worth understanding and respecting.

That said, microtransactions are but one of many various negative realities of playing video games on a regular basis; realities that have certainly changed drastically over the past few decades as the industry has grown exponentially, but not always for the betterment of the consumer.

Don't let loyalty mean you get cheated out of a better gaming experience, because if the industry can take advantage of your spending habits, it will.

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Gaming Editor

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