9 HUGE Video Game Spoilers That Were Ruined By Marketing

1. Aerith' Death Was Spelt Out In The First Trailer - Final Fantasy VII

Possibly the most well-known and genuinely tear-jerking death in gaming history, Sephiroth descending out of nowhere to skewer poor Aerith was a moment for the ages, and likely one of the first times you ever cried at a video game.

It's so powerful because it came out of nowhere, and yet... it was in the very first trailer of the game.

1997's trailer you can see above not only includes the scene where Cloud lays Aerith down into the water (eyes closed, hands atop one another, not moving), but the narrator spells out that this is "A love that can never be".

It's to the point where you'd imagine this is a motivating factor in the establishment of Cloud from the very beginning, and yet, Aerith's death happens a good 20+ hours in.

Why on Earth Square Enix thought it remotely worthwhile to spoil their most emotional moment is beyond me.

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