Video gamers are a passionate bunch, and when we like something we fiercely commit our imaginations to it, even coming up with our own theories and explanations for what’s taking place. Though most of these are simply fun and easily dismissed, a few have had sufficient thought put into them that they make us think for a second longer, that perhaps someone may have cottoned onto something the developers chose to hide inside the game.

Of course, coincidences happen, but I think you’ll agree that these 10 video game theories might seem totally bonkers at first, but actually do make a measure of sense when you think about it…



9. Chrono Trigger Is A Biblical Retelling

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest RPGs ever made, and aside from its imaginative narrative – which involves a band of heroes travelling back and forth through time to try and prevent the end of the world – it’s also infused with interesting Biblical symbolism. Indeed, many portions of the game seem to reflect famous Bible stories, spanning the vast majority of the books therein, while many of the game’s characters can be closely linked to Biblical characters in a number of ways.

To pore over the litany of references would take all day, but Crono is very clearly a Jesus Christ-type figure, sacrificing himself for his friends, while Magus, who travels through time to confuse and enslave the masses, is clearly a False Prophet-type figure. Queen Zeal, meanwhile, represents the Antichrist, and various locations throughout the game can be paralleled with Biblical mainstays (Zeal, a dreamlike utopia, is not dissimilar to Babylon, for instance).

You can read the whole crazy theory here.

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This article was first posted on June 5, 2013