Achievements and trophies in games are of dubious purpose: at the best of times they add an extra layer of challenge and give players a justifiable reason to spend an extra 12 hours in their favourite titles, with the most prestigious awards, like Arkham City’s Freeflow Perfection 2.0 (ahem – I have that one), saved forever onto one’s profile page, thus ensuring eternal bragging rights over all your jealous friends.

However, at the worst of times, these little titbits can be detrimental to the enjoyment of a gaming session, as having a little box randomly ‘ping’ onto your screen every time you kill six zombies, or just as you’re about to finally beat that section you’ve been stuck on for the last eight week, can cause you to be momentarily distracted that millisecond long enough for an NPC to cave your skull in, losing you an indeterminable amount of progress.

Or more likely it’ll simply spoil the immersion and cause you to question why you are wasting your time playing videogames in the first place, something particularly painful when the trophy is awarded for playing a game more than a total of 48 hours (uh, yeah, I totally don’t have one like that). Though to be fair, if you’ve played The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, you’ll probably have asked yourself those questions without the need for a pointless trophy prompt.

Anyway, enough with the waffle. Here are the 10 most pointless achievements/trophies in gaming history…

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This article was first posted on March 30, 2013