9 Most Useful Items In The Legend Of Zelda Games

9. The Longshot In Ocarina Of Time


In Ocarina of Time, the player gets a glimpse of areas that are unreachable from a very early stage. As the player progresses, a lot of these areas become accessible given the items they collect. However, there is one item that opens more doors than any other in Ocarina of Time.

Enter the Longshot. This item acts as an upgraded version of the Hookshot, which is an item featured over many ‘Zelda’ games. The Longshot is unique to Ocarina of Time as it isn’t in any other ‘Zelda’ game. The difference with the Longshot can be most likely guessed as it extends the reach of the hookshot, allowing an even further reach to grab items and grapple onto surfaces.

On top of being an incredibly useful, the Longshot is found in the dreaded Water Temple, which makes it a little bit more worth it to traverse that mind numbing temple.


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