9 Nerve-Wracking Video Game Moments You Barely Made It Through

You, a motion-tracker, and a Xenomorph. GO.

alien isolation
Creative Assembly

If there is one thing video games can nail, it's a feeling of stress. That nerve-wracking panic as you almost nail an impossibly difficult section - only to bottle it at the last moment. Or the tense and frantic hysteria as you flee from a pixelized abomination, your heart racing as you wonder just what decisions in life have landed you here.

One of the stranger trends in recent is games that capitalise on these stressful encounters. There are so many games that wave their difficulty around like a badge of honour, bragging about how many controllers they've broken because people couldn't handle dying for the 400th time.

Horror games and brutally difficult games are all about pushing the player and making them feel tense and nerve-wracked. They work like a drug, rewarding players with that euphoria of overcoming intensity and anxiety, only to force you back into those emotions again and again.

In celebration of all this mental manipulation, here are some of the best moments that are so unbelievably tense, you'll never catch us reliving them ever again...


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