9 Short Sentences That Ruin Major Video Games

Caution: Might completely destroy childhoods.

Sam Coleman



Have you ever been playing a really good game, only to have some little tidbit of knowledge completely ruin the experience for you? It’s more common than you might think; just do any search online and you’re guaranteed to find somebody criticising it. Even games that feature heavily on “Best Of” lists are seemingly filled with various problems which got under peoples’ skin; it’s impossible to find something everybody can agree on.

Happily though, game criticism can often lead to some great debates. While some may argue that one aspect of a game was awful, others will be lining up to defend it until their fingers can type no more. Particularly interesting are short summative sentences which might make up something like a forum topic; they’re often amazingly blunt and seem to condemn a title within a few short words.

Often though, despite the abrasive start there’s some decent discussion to be found underneath. Hopefully, this article can inspire a similar level of discussion and debate; after all, the internet is seemingly purpose-built for everybody to try and prove that their opinion is best… right?

The ten entries in this article are all headlined by short sentences which encourage you to look at a game slightly differently. Some may inspire you to see the absurdity of some titles; some may help you see underlying problems. Hopefully at the very least you can see one of these games in a different light, giving you a perspective that may be different to your own. If you feel like disagreeing (and we absolutely guarantee you will), leave your thoughts in the comments below.