9 Underrated Horror Games You Must Play Before You Die

8. Observer

Bloober Team

What it is: Further mind-melting psychological horror escapades, courtesy of rising indie star Bloober Team. Set in a dystopic future version of the Polish city of Krakow, Observer's cyber punk-infused cityscape - which wears its Blade Runner inspirations on its sleeve - is home to Daniel Lazarski, a police detective and member of the titular Observers special unit.

In this far-flung future, Lazarski and his fellow Observers enforce the law, not through contemporary means, but by invasively hacking the minds of potential suspects through use of the aptly-named Dream Eater.

Why it's scary: Scripted scares are aplenty in Observer (almost always well-executed, by the way), but that's not the true source of its horror. As if the nightmarish existential themes it touches upon weren't enough to cause extreme unease, Lazarski literally inserting his consciousness into the minds of potential killers and drug abusers and facing the surreal terrors within is truly nerve-wracking. Credit too, goes to the accompanying sound and atmospheric design, itself enough to crush your spirit and any desire to move forward.

Fantastic stuff.


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