9 Video Games Coming In 2018 You've Already Forgotten About

Crying for attention.


So much for the new year breather, eh?

Sony and Nintendo hit the ground running at the dawn of 2017, the former having inundated PlayStation owners with backlog-building first-party exclusives while the latter - thank the stars - made its triumphant return to hardware relevance with the Switch.

Like clockwork, the mid-year reveal season, follow-up controversies and triple-A holiday periods have all followed the strong start in their usual sequence, but now, as the year's end approaches, it's time, once again, to look ahead and wonder what new adventures await us in the year ahead.

The big name heavy-hitters - Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter: World and Metro: Exodus, to pick just a few out of the hat - already have their place in the queue, eager to steal away your precious free time, but what else is primed and ready to fill the gaps not dominated by 2018's giants?

Remakes, sequels and risky new IPs, you know, the usual - there's plenty of them to go around next year, but some - thanks to their protracted development cycles, meager publicity and hype-dampening delays - aren't receiving their fair share of attention in the public eye.

Here's to hoping that all changes as 2018 advances, it'd be a crying shame to see some of these fade into obscurity.


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