9 Video Games Coming In 2018 You've Already Forgotten About

1. Skull & Bones


Ahoy there, me hearties! Ubisoft's gone and made a full-blown, standalone game out of a much-loved activity that would-be pirates first encountered in the Assassin's Creed universe. Edward Kenway's swashbuckling Carribean adventures in Black Flag, to be precise.

Skull & Bones is its name, and besides a cannonball-heavy, hull-splintering announcement trailer at this year's E3, old Ubi's been playing coy with coughing up additional details for the potentially massive new intellectual property.

Based solely on said teaser alone, we know that seafarers can team up to take control of the oceans and its hidden riches, as well as spend their plunder on rewards, but make no mistake, there's no opportunity to disembark for a walkabout in this here scrapper.

Naval combat, not on-foot exploration, is the primary focus of Ubisoft Singapore's project, a sound decision. The tunnel vision-like focus on making a fully fledged naval warfare title without the fluff is a tantalizing prospect, especially if its core combat comes out with quality equal to (or greater than!) Black Flag's own.

Make sure there's enough rum to go around, Cap'n, you're going to be out on the open seas for a good while, come 2018.

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