9 Video Games Coming In 2018 You've Already Forgotten About

9. We Happy Few

Compulsion Games

A Clockwork Orange meets BioShock meets Fallout, We Happy Few is the dystopian nightmare made manifest that George Orwell no doubt lost many a night's sleep fretting about.

Announced all the way back in 2015, developer Compulsion Games has made no secret of the game's Orwellian inspiration, having built its world around an alternate reality version of 1960s Britain for the surreal survival adventure, where sadness is a crime punishable by death.

Three years and a divisive Steam Early Access trial later, ambitions for the project have grown from aiming to provide a budget survival exploration game to one damn-near deserving of triple-A status, or so we've been lead to believe, given the boosted asking price.

With Gearbox Software now on board as publisher and a new 2018 launch date locked in, one can only hope that the trial's admittedly rough casing has been hammered into finer shape with the extra time Compulsion's been given.


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