AMD, the company behind the hardware system of the Xbox 360 has said the next version of the console will have the capabilities to produce graphic detail that could match James Cameron’s Avatar.

AMD did not confirm or deny that they are working on the Xbox but one must presume they must be otherwise why else would they make a claim like this? The director of ISV relationships at AMD went on to make one of the wildest predictions I have ever heard for the next generations of consoles:

“the A.I. and physics capabilities of the next-gen hardware will allow for every pedestrian in a game such as Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row to have a totally individual mentality, meaning when you shoot a gun or run someone over they don’t all just do the same thing.  There will be no more mob mentality, where everyone just screams and runs away; every NPC will actually be an individual character.”

Of course it goes without saying that would be absolutely amazing to have that many individualized characters in a game at one time. Right now the video game industry has a hard enough time getting the A.I. right for just a few characters, imagine having every pedestrian in GTA with it, that is mind boggling.  Although, giving the pedestrian a individualized mind and then having them disappear when they walk around the corner seems kind of cruel if you ask me.

I wish this was true because one of the things I think that needs to improve the most in the next generation of consoles is enemy A.I.

What do yu want to see improved on in the next generation of consoles graphics, A.I., or something else entirely?

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This article was first posted on July 17, 2011