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While we’ve known a couple of the major villains that’ll be showing up in Arkham Origins for quite a while, last week’s E3 officially added another two more to that list, bringing the grand total to a healthy seven. Now I’m a huge Arkham fan, Arkham City is one of my favourite games of this whole generation, so you can trust me when I say I’ve given a lot of thought into what antagonists that will be in Origins.

While my predictions for the game are featured, the main point of this article is to list the seven confirmed villains in the game and explain the changes Warner Bros. Montreal have made to each of them (excluding those new to the series), with the most notable alteration being in the character Bane. As soon as another character is revealed I’ll be uploading an announcement for them, though it’s doubtful many more will be revealed before September time.


We’ll start with the confirmed villains…


7 & 6. Black Mask and The Penguin

penguin black mask

Black Mask and Penguin were the first bad-guys to be revealed, two notorious gangsters that were previously seen in Arkham City, though the former was little more than a cameo. In this game, Sionis (Black Mask) is the biggest criminal power in Gotham, so expect the story to explain how he went from having enough money to put a £50 million hit on Batman’s head to being one of the least influential villains in the city.

Little has been revealed about Cobblepot’s role, but the lack of beer bottle sticking out of his face shows this story takes place before he gets glassed, so he’s likely not a big time crook like he was in the other games.

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This article was first posted on June 18, 2013