Assassin's Creed 3: 10 Reasons You Should Still Be Playing

It's been almost four months now since the release of what I€™m sure was a lot of people's most anticipated title of 2012, and the fun just doesn't stop. Assassin's Creed 3 brought along a lot of new, re-packaged some old, and was rather unfortunately met with mixed/average reviews. It seemed that after the little less than stellar experience of Revelations, everyone was excited for a change in scenery, time period, and character, but after months of hype the game was finally released and for a lot of long-time fans of the series brought more disappointment. It was a good game, though it could have been a great game, and while you might want to hate it, it still keeps climbing its way into your system. Maybe it was the drastic change in protagonists, or the setting - I can€™t quite put my finger on it, but it remains irresistible. Perhaps we were just expecting too much, because to say the game is just flat out terrible would be completely inaccurate; it€™s a very good game with some strong qualities and it is certainly among the very best must-play games of last year. Here are the reasons we€™re still playing and why you should still be playing Assassin's Creed 3.

10.Naval/Side Missions

Assassins Creed 3 Naval Arguably the best feature added to the game was the amazing naval combat: it was smooth, fun, and adrenalin pinching and it makes you wish Ubisoft would make a full-fledged pirate game. Although not many missions utilized the feature (probably just the right amount where it didn't overstay its welcome during the main campaign) there are still plenty more naval missions waiting, all you have to do is visit the harbormaster. It's a nice little option and makes for some incredible side missions. The side missions themselves are one of the reasons this game still grips. There is certainly no shortage of people to help, protect, recruit, and even deliver letters to. Liberation mission, mail couriers, assassinations contracts, and assassin recruits are dispersed throughout New York and Boston. Frontiersmen always have an interesting task for Connor, and building up your homestead with colorful characters can be rewarding - it may not be the most fun one can have in the game but at least it's an option. In short, you will have plenty of content to keep you going long after you've completed the story. Whether you want to sail a ship through the high seas and those pesky rogue winds, or recruit a worthy assassin into the ever so small colonial brotherhood, or maybe just for the hell of it you want to stop some damn tax collectors. Point is it might feel unnecessary, but at least these little encounters make the world feel more alive, and give you a little something extra to do while you're headed from point A to point B.


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