If Bayonetta and Dragon Ball Z had a drunken one night stand, Asura’s Wrath would be the answer to Bayonetta’s question: “Did I forget to take my birth control?” But will Asura’s Wrath inherit more than the gleefully over the top action and crazy art direction from his doting parents.

A two part demo for Capcom‘s latest 3rd person brawler, Asura’s Wrath hit XBL this week (and PSN) and is available for all of the Gold Members out there. For those who are not Gold members we have played the demo and will give you the low down in our video preview bellow.

So what do you think about Asura’s Wrath? Is it a fresh and new way to enjoy a third person action title or were you left feeling flat, as though a giant, moon sized finger had just pressed you into the floor like an ant?

Asura’s Wrath with be out on the 24th of February in the UK on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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This article was first posted on January 12, 2012