Batman Arkham 2020: Every Leak & Rumour You Need To Know

Who will capture the Knight?

Warner Bros

After years of speculation and rumours, WB Games Montreal have this week reignited the feeling that a new game in the Batman: Arkham series is about to be announced.

WB Montreal, who made the prequel game Arkham: Origins (but not Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, which were all Rocksteady Games products) first kicked off the rumour mill back in September when they tweeted a sequence of cryptic images alongside the words "Capture the Knight."

But then there was nothing else forthcoming. Nothing that is until this week when they tweeted once again with the same slogan and a new image. All of that has been added together on WB Montreal's official site to give us this obviously partially completed web of logos, a marketing campaign which feels entirely fitting for a gaming franchise scattered with The Riddler's endless irritating little puzzles.

You don't have to be the World's Greatest Detective, though, to figure out that one thing all this is pointing to is the upcoming reveal of the who, what and when of the new game. So, before that announcement is made, let's go back over all the rumours and leaks that we've already seen for Arkham 5.


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