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The conclusion to Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham City, the sequel to its predecessor Batman Arkham Asylum, left many gamers wondering where exactly the direction that the studio would take if another game was made. Some even speculated that this would be the end of Batman, and that a Superman game would be next. For now though, neither of these possibilities are going to happen.

Instead, it was announced that Rocksteady was going in a different direction. They will be focusing their efforts on a prequel of sorts for the bat, that’s supposed to even include the Justice League and be strongly influenced by Batman’s Silver Age (and his blue costume).

I believe it has the potential to outperform its predecessors. Each game was able to leave the player wanting more and considering the possibilites that could come with it. Here, are the ten things I think could and should be included in this prequel if Rocksteady wants to have an even better game than the last two.


10. Let’s See A Batman Origin Story

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First off, I know what most people reading this are probably thinking -”This is a video game, there isn’t any need for a batman origin story when that time could be spent kicking Joker’s ass.” Before you disregard my opinion and move on to another article though, here me out. First off, the past two games have basically been nonstop action. Batman hasn’t had a chance to even breathe, and it’s about time to just take a step back (not for long, just for a second) and let this sequence play out.

Assuming you played Arkham City, you know the moment when Bruce Wayne had fought through a group of thugs and had even managed to get some shots on the Penguin. After climbing the building, Bruce was able to transform into Batman, and for me, that was a completely amazing feeling, like I was putting the costume on myself and I was ready to go out and fight whatever the city had to throw at me.

Now imagine that on a broader scale. Having a training sequence with a cutscene that is a call to arms of sort, and then the moment would come. You get to put the Batsuit on for the very first time. If putting it on in Arkham City felt amazing, I could only imagine what it would feel like to don the suit for the very first time, and with this being a prequel, I would be thrilled to have that included in the game.

A few paragraphs back I mentioned Batman being out of his suit as Bruce Wayne, which brings me to point number two…

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This article was first posted on December 19, 2012