Batman Arkham City Sequel: 5 Storylines We Want To See

With Arkham City and Arkham Asylum making our jaws drop several times, we’ve come up with some suggestions for how Rocksteady can take the series even further.

Luke Stevenson


Sequels, sequels, sequels. Often they are unwanted and ultimately as well received as a surprise colonoscopy performed by Mr. Freeze. However in terms of Rocksteady’s Batman game franchise; we just want more and more and more…And then more…But less villains. Please; less villains.

With Arkham City and Arkham Asylum making our jaws drop several times on two different occasions the sequel is inevitable but not as obvious as it may be with (spoiler) The Joker’s Death at the end of Arkham City meaning Batman could be looking for a new angle, a new villain and we here at WhatCulture towers are here to offer a few ways they could do this with a few select story ideas…


1. Return Of The Joker

The Story:

The villains of Arkham City start appearing throughout Gotham after the City’s controversial final plan means all of Gotham’s super villains are released under compassionate grounds (or some other form of convenient government mishandling that aid the narrative) and, predictably, start wreaking havoc on the residents.

As Batman it is your duty to stop and apprehend these villains who are destroying Gotham but as you do that a plan starts to become apparent; the spots of destruction aren’t random enough to be these criminals working without plan. Who is behind it? Well…I think you see where this is going.

The Joker has managed to fake his own death to stop Batman worrying about him whilst in the mean time convincing all of Gotham’s criminals to work in a co-ordinated manner to best destroy the Batman and then take Gotham’s soul with it.

Awesome Moment: Batman’s captured and beaten and ‘The Boss’ stands over him. Through his bleary vision the face comes down to say hello and it’s The Joker.

Reason This Should Be The Story: The Joker has been a vibrant, funny and destructive delight in the last two games and it would be sad to see him go.

Reason This Shouldn’t Be The Story: Batman has enough brilliant villains to be able to get around the gap The Joker will leave, and going back to a Joker villain would be a bit of a safe journey for Rocksteady.