Batman: Arkham Knight - 8 Reasons The Joker Should Stay Dead

Fans are divided when it comes to Batman's greatest villain making a return, but maybe him remaining out the picture is for the best?

Sticking to your guns isn't easy, but in the trilogy-capper to Rocksteady's highly revered Arkham franchise, it's the most crucial element to end the series on the highest note possible. More specifically, the decision to kill off The Joker in the climax of Arkham City must be kept in check. If not, we're all going to be playing one disappointing next generation system-seller come this October. In recent interviews the studio have confirmed that The Joker is dead, but can they really be trusted when Warner Brothers Montreal blatantly lied to anyone and everyone with interest in Arkham Origins by swearing up and down that he wasn't in the game, when in actuality he was the main villain? Probably not. This isn't an article meant to bash The Clown Prince of Crime; he's arguably Batman's greatest villain and most certainly the yin to his yang. There comes a point though where the fans and developers have to say "Enough is enough" in unison, realising that what€™s best for Arkham Knight is to keep the legendary character out of the game completely. The only instance that an appearance from The Joker could be accepted is if it comes from an Easter Egg that has nothing to do with the story, or as a hallucinatory during one of the much-anticipated Scarecrow battle sequences. Outside of that, Rocksteady will be diminishing the quality of their own game if The Joker is included further.

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