It’s no big secret that GTA is possibly one of the most controversial and potentially offensive games available for purchase today. Over the years, R* have come under so much heavy fire for producing games that glamorise drugs, violence, sex general criminal mayhem and for the most part they don’t appear to give even one s**t, let alone two.

Indeed R* have used their flagship franchise to generate massive waves of controversy over the years and in turn massive waves of sales and revenue which all amounts to one thing: money, glorious money!

In the early days of its life, GTA received condemnations by governing bodies worldwide and has since fell victim to bannings, forced censorship and several campaigns launched with the singular goal of getting GTA off of our shop shelves. Did any of this work? Of course not, if anything, all this vilification made us all even more determined to play.

There have been many highly controversial features and mechanics in the GTA franchise and I though it high time (what with the recent spate of GTA V announcements and all) to look back across the years to bring you ten classically controversial features which caused major uproar.

How about we jump right into the muck?

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This article was first posted on November 9, 2012