Almost any and every game that can call the PC its home has had modders dive in and release the structural boundaries that limits players, and expanded the gaming universe. Grand Theft Auto is one series that has received countless mods – from maps to vehicles to game modes. With the upcoming Spring release of Grand Theft Auto V, and with interest peaked in regards to what the game has to offer, let us take a look back at some of the greatest mods that the series fans have released over the history of Grand Theft Auto.

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7. Grand Theft Auto III Turns Realistic

Grand Theft Auto III turned the tables with open-world gaming by introducing an enormous universe that players could meander through and experiment in. While the game receives criticism for its cartoonish appearance despite the quality graphics of other games of its time, GTA III paved the way for Rockstar’s groundbreaking series and allowed the games to go beyond anything fans could expect.

Despite the incredible diversity of Liberty City, fans thought they could do more with it. The modding community went all out and added real-life vehicles into the game, as well as replacing buildings with brand-name companies. There are several mods that make the 3D universe’s Liberty City more realistic, but this is just one of the videos I stumbled across that highly impressed me. Other than the player’s flying skills – or lack thereof.

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This article was first posted on January 3, 2013