Biggest Games Of 2013: Bioshock Infinite

Even though gaming has become a part of our everyday life, it still doesn’t get the praise it deserves. Some…

Barry O Halloran



Even though gaming has become a part of our everyday life, it still doesn’t get the praise it deserves. Some might argue that video games have never been of a higher standard and they would be right. Games like Skyrim and The Walking Dead are brilliant examples of an ever changing, more mature industry. Unfortunately, titles like these are mere diamonds in the rough compared to some of the other less impressive games bestowed upon us every few weeks.

Like all multi-billion dollar industries, gaming suffers from robotic mediocrity on a regular basis. For every Portal we get a Madden and for every Journey, we get another Medal of Honor. There are those who simply see video games as mindless entertainment, cheap thrills that pass the time. These people are content with buying an annual update of Call of Duty or Fifa and have no interest in trying something new. Worse still, developers are more than happy to release them year after year, churning them out with metronome consistency.

But its not all doom and gloom. Every now and then a game comes along that’s so original and unique that it redefines video gaming as a whole.Thankfully some developers are passionate about their craft and treat video games as a form of art. Ken Levine is one such person.

Why It Could Be Amazing:

The original Bioshock, with its excellent story, hauntingly beautiful setting and iconic characters, was one of the most defining video games of all time. It makes sense then, to be excited about what we’ve seen of Bioshock Infinite so far. The suspended city in the sky, Columbia, looks set to raise the benchmark of design once again – if that’s even possible. The graphics look amazing and Ken Levine has promised an unrivaled upgrade system which can be manipulated as you progress. Plasmids have been tweaked and refined meaning combat offers near limitless customization.

Story will play a huge part in Bioshock Infinite so expect a massively detailed world, filled with hours of content to immerse yourself in. Audio logs, Voxophones, film projectors and Kinetoscopes will be littered throughout the world offering a complete history of Columbia and its inhabitants.

We know enemies will constantly adapt and factions will change sides depending on your actions. We also know Elizabeth’s future is molded by your decisions throughout the game.  It’s bigger than Rapture with more to see and do. And that’s still not even scratching the surface.

What’s even more exciting is what we don’t know. Ken Levine is a master story-teller and as such, hasn’t let slip any details on what exactly the game is about. We know who we’ll play as and the general story-line, but other than it’s one big mystery. Who exactly is Elizabeth? What part will we play in the civil war? Does this game take part within the Bioshock universe? Anything is possible.

Why It Could Be Terrible:

Nowadays, when a game is delayed, it usually means trouble. So the fact that Bioshock Inifnite has had the misfortune of being delayed twice, clearly doesn’t bode well. Ken Levine has been quick to explain the delays claiming that his team have been polishing the game for the last 6 months and while that might be the case, if this was any other franchise I would be worried that Infinite was going to disappoint.

The biggest challenge Irrational Games face is one they caused themselves. How can they possibly top Bioshock? Is it even possible? Columbia looks interesting but I still prefer the overall tone of Rapture and it will be extremely hard to replicate the claustrophobic atmosphere of the ruined underwater utopia. Ultimately though, the success of this game will hinge on the AI controlled Elizabeth. It’s imperative that she doesn’t take on the role of damsel in distress. I know that this sounds hypocritical (seeing as your objective is to free her) but we have already had too many weak female characters in modern games. Elizabeth will need to be able to hold her own in action heavy set pieces. There would be nothing worse than having to baby-sit her for the entire game.


Potential Rating: 5/5

Bioshock Infinite is my most anticipated game of the year so I have already set my expectations terribly high. Saying that, I think it will match or even exceed all of them. The added development time will guarantee an almost flawless experience, and should once again redefine video games.

As if that’s not enough to get you excited, Levine has stated that the ending of Bioshock Infinite is “like nothing you’ve experienced in a video game before”. We’re only a few months away from finding out just how true that is.

Now would you kindly get in touch below and let me know your thoughts on whether Bioshock Infinite will be worth the wait?