Black Ops 2: 10 Reasons To Ignore The Hate

Why does it seem so cool to hate Call of Duty nowadays? True, the series has been around since 2003,…

Mike Reyes



Why does it seem so cool to hate Call of Duty nowadays? True, the series has been around since 2003, where it started life as a sort of Medal of Honor clone. True, it’s spawned 9 titles on home consoles alone, and that’s not counting re-purposed titles for other devices. But the most telling signal to Call of Duty’s success is perhaps the fact that each new game, no matter how derided, is an almost guaranteed cash cow.

You’ll trash talk it all you want, but when the next game is released, you’ll be all over the forums speculating what that cryptic photo Activision just released is all about. People still love this series, and yet there are some who love to hate it. With only the first round of Map Packs heading our way, here are some reasons why it’s OK to stop worrying and love the COD.



10. The Ad Campaign

The Replacer

With the new map pack’s launch has come a new, rather hysterical ad involving character actor Peter Stormare as “The Replacer”. Hired to replace you during life’s many mundane events in the midst of your most intense Call of Duty sessions, The Replacer will go on blind dates, chat up girls in the office, even help your wife give birth. Honestly, there’s nothing he can’t do.

The ad capitalizes on Stormare’s well known tendency to be the hard case, and does so to an extremely comedic effect. This is already on top of Guy Richie’s equally hysterical launch ad which featured celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr. waging war upon each other with weapons of surprise. Just by the ads you can tell that Treyarch and Activision know their audience enough to provide them with a humorous counterbalance to the Modern Warfare series’ more serious approach to advertising their games. Black Ops means fun, Modern Warfare means business.