A long standing and highly prestigious record was almost broken this week in the world of video gaming as Quebec gamer, body builder and World of Warcraft aficionado Vincent Lemay came within inches of usurping the current King of Kong Hank Chien’s top score.

With a score of 1,135,900 the 21 year old gamer finished a mere 2,700 points short of Chien’s record making him the second highest scoring Donkey Kong player of all time, way ahead of long time former champion (and alleged cheater) Billy Mitchell.

The highly competitive world of vintage arcade video gaming was brought to the attention of the world following the release of the 2007 documentary King of Kong – A Fistful of Quarters. In the film, then top dog Billy Wilder is treated like a God amongst men as he somewhat questionably defends his crown as the top dog in coin operated gaming.

Vincent Lamey has said he plans to become number one in his chosen ‘sport’ in the next few months and has a gentleman’s agreement with Chien that if he reaches a score of 1.2 million points he will be the undisputed and unchallenged King of Kong. But for how long? Challengers are already lining up to take the top spot and as each generation of game throws stronger and stronger the world oof imperative arcade gaming has never been more exciting.

What’s your top score? We’d like to know. Could you be the next King of Kong?

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This article was first posted on January 15, 2013