Borderlands 2: 3 Ways Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon’s Keep Is A Worthwhile DLC

As I had alluded to the other week in my preview of Krieg the Psycho, I also got to get…

Patrick Dane



As I had alluded to the other week in my preview of Krieg the Psycho, I also got to get my hands on Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep. The new DLC is set to breathe the life into Borderlands 2 which may have grown a little stale if you have put the hundreds of hours that you can put into the game. The DLC is a little different to anything you might have seen before from Gearbox’s flagship title.

The set up is simple, but allows for plenty of fun. Set while some of the vault hunters are waiting for a man to be interrogated, Tiny Tina decides to pass the time by bringing out Bunkers and Badasses, the Pandorian version of Dungeons and Dragons. Tiny Tina plays as your Dungeon Master while you will hear the voices of other recognisable vault hunters along the way. As I have said previously, I am not the most seasoned Borderlands player, but even I have heard about the divisiveness of Tiny Tina. From a racist controversy, to a genuinely funny character, to a young girl screaming, it is not hard to see why she has divided the fanbase. It is brave of Gearbox to base their whole next DLC on the character.


3. It Is Genuinely Funny


As I have alluded to before, Tiny Tina has her lovers and her haters. Her personality is quite likeable but also somewhat abrasive. So your enjoyment of the DLC may well be marred by it being very Tina centric. For me though, it works perfectly.

The humour on display here is totally nerdy, but also works really well within the context of the game. From the hour I played I laughed more than a hand full of times which isn’t all that common in a game, let alone a DLC. Gearbox have clearly put effort into making a worthwhile DLC that is not afraid to tickle your funny bone. The humour is a mix of Tiny Tina’s personality as well as the ridiculousness of repurposing the vault hunters into a fantasy setting.

Quite often characters from both Borderlands and Borderlands 2 will drop in, cause their own bit of havoc in the campaign and then drop out. It is all pretty silly but also lots of fun to boot, and the writers have obviously taken one of their most beloved past times in Dungeons and Dragons and used that as a source of comedy.