Call Of Duty WWII: 10 Huge Leaked Details You Need To Know

Every weapon, every map and every scorestreak finally revealed.


After a few years on the decline, Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games are looking to revive Call of Duty with this year's COD: WW2. Ditching the sci-fi trend that the franchise has followed so far this generation, the upcoming sequel is opting instead to take the series back to its well-trodden World War 2 roots.

Even a month before it's due to launch, there still hasn't been a huge amount of info released to let players know just what kind of experience they'll be getting into come November.

Sure, Sledgehammer have promised a renewed focus on a deep single-player story and a revolutionised multiplayer suite, but it's unclear if WW2 is going to be a radical shift for the long-running franchise or if the new setting is the game's only big change.

Fortunately for players, a series of Reddit leaks have seemingly dropped the bombshell on every new and returning feature that's going to be included in the upcoming sequel. Thanks to datamining the files of the recent Beta, we now know pretty much everything about the Zombies and multiplayer, and it's looking like the latest COD is shaping up to be one of the biggest games in the whole franchise.


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