Crysis 3: 10 Reasons It’s Awesome

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Crysis 3, finally hits stores today, and after two entries that…

Shaun Munro


One of the most anticipated games of the year, Crysis 3, finally hits stores today, and after two entries that have proven compelling but not quite fulfilled all that potential, we get a third installment that is unquestionably the best of the three.

Fixing many of the niggling bugs that made occasional gameplay passages a chore, boasting a beefier multiplayer component and, of course, visuals that readily rival Battlefield 3, this is every bit the sequel fans were hoping for.

There are still some minor issues for sure; the plot does feel somewhat recycled from the last game (New York is under siege again), but at least Crytek have done something different with it aesthetically.

Also, it’s a tad disappointing that the campaign runs in at only around 6 hours after the relatively lengthy single-player offerings of the first two games, but Crysis 3 offers so much bang for your buck that it’s hard to get too worked up about it.

Here are 10 reasons Crysis 3 is awesome…



10. It Looks Amazing

In the “No s**t, Sherlock” Olympics, stating that Crysis 3 looks absolutely fantastic is the sure winner. Each game has managed to raise the visual benchmark of gaming considerably, and the latest installment, though facing stiff competition from the still gorgeous-looking Battlefield 3, just about comes out on top as the best looking game of all time to date.

The greater variety of environments (which we’ll get onto later) helps the CryEngine 3 to really show off everything it is capable of. From the lighting and shadow effects to the treatment of elements such as water (which is by this point in gaming pretty much photo-realistic) and the notoriously difficult to render fire (which is getting there), this is a game that completely immerses the player in its world.

If your PC can handle it, absolutely make sure you get Crysis 3 for it, because the experience will be vastly superior to what you’ll get on consoles. That said, if you’re even remotely unsure about your PC’s performance, it’s probably best to settle for the more stable, optimised console experience, and to the average player, the dip in visual acuity will not be that noticeable.

Simply, however you play Crysis 3, it looks freaking phenomenal.