Crysis 3: 5 Reasons Why It Will Inevitably Disappoint

I enjoyed the Crysis when it first came come all those moons ago, not on my PC, God no. I…

Thomas James Hunt


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I enjoyed the Crysis when it first came come all those moons ago, not on my PC, God no. I didn’t have some huge beast of a computer that could perform like that, but I did have a friend whose parents tried to buy his love with martial goods. A few years later, I bought Crysis 2 on PS3 and if you’ve read my ‘10 Most Crushing Gaming Disappointments of All Time’ article you all know how that turned out for me, and for those who haven’t; I thought the game was a terrible experience to weather through.

Anyway, to the present; for those of you who either don’t know or you don’t actually don’t like gaming and have accidentally stumbled across my article, Crysis 3 is slowly approaching like a ship fall of scurvy ridden sailors. And, I’m here to say before it comes out, that it will be disappointing if you have fallen into the hype machine. So don’t waste your money on Crysis 3 and instead, buy a Tamagotchi or something.

5. The Fans

First on my list for why Crysis 3 will not impress is the fans. Crysis has some unusual fans because they’re the only fanbase I know that has only one point to make, that the Cryengine is incredible. Of course this is true and you would be a fool not to think this, but the reason it’s on my list is because these fans make me not want to buy it at tall. So, if I can’t even summon up the strength to buy Crysis 3 because I don’t want to be affiliated with those individuals, how exactly is it going to impress me?

And, if I don’t, they’ll never leave me be because I’ve played and enjoyed the first Crysis. I fully understand that to criticize anything you have experience it or have some underlining knowledge on the subject. And, now that I think about it, I probably will buy it just so I can actually argue with fans about the faults and issues Crysis 3 will inevitably have.