Crystal Dynamics Might Change Those Controversial Avengers Designs [Updated]

The studio are reportedly taking fan feedback on board.

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Update: Director Shaun Escayg has spoken to both GameSpot and The Hollywood Reporter and said that Crystal WON'T be changing their character designs. Or at least that "there are currently no plans" to alter them at the moment. Escayg was keen to reiterate that footage shown of Marvel's Avengers was pre-alpha, that "the level of detail and overall polish of the character models will absolutely continue to improve", and that they're committed to showing their own "spin" on the Avengers distinct from the MCU. It's also worth noting that Escayg appears to be talking about the facial models specifically and not the costumes seen so far, which fans will likely be able to change with bonus outfits anyway.

Original story as follows...

The reaction to the reveal of Marvel's Avengers game has been... divided, to say the least. On the one hand, the gameplay looks and sounds fantastic. On the other, the designs for some of the Avengers - Captain America and Thor in particular - don't look that great. In Cap's case, it's had some fans clamouring for his look from the first Avengers film. Yeah, that one. Mental.

Either way, it appears as though Crystal Dynamics are taking on fan feedback and are willing to make changes going forward. Marvel Games VP Bill Rosemann took to Twitter the other day to assuage fears that Hawkeye wouldn't be in the game, and he's been on the horn again to address some of the other fan points made in the wake of Square Enix's presentation, this time to GameSpot (via ScreenRant).

Speaking to the outlet, Rosemann once again thanked fans for their vocal response to the trailer shown, and remarked that "allthe comments we're hearing, we're listening to them, we're sharing them, we're bringing them back to the studio, we're listening to you."

Given the bulk of the response to Marvel's Avengers has focussed on the overall look of the team itself, it stands to reason that cosmetic changes are on the table. Complaints regarding Thor's hair and beard are likely to be addressed the further along the game gets into development, but the designs for Captain America and Black Widow would require major overhauls if Crystal are taking feedback close to heart.

No doubt this will come as good news to Avengers fans regardless. It's very bizarre that fans are clamouring for the likenesses seen in the MCU to be used, but as Rocksteady showed with Batman: Arkham and Insomniac illustrated with last year's Spider-Man, there's a way to leave your own mark on an iconic character without divesting too heavily from established designs.


What did you think of the designs from Marvel's Avengers? Do they need changing? Let us know in the comments.

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