Demon’s Souls and its spiritual successor Dark Souls are games that have divided the opinions of gamers’ across the world. Many gamers, like myself, relish their brutal difficulty and unclear signposting of what is required of the player, whereas others cannot get to grips with it’s harsh learning curve and give up on their experience before it has even truly begun. But now a true sequel to Dark Souls has been announced with differences to its production team and a supposed new direction for the series, with changes that should appeal to all kinds of gamers.

Here’s exactly why you should be excited for Dark Souls 2. Ten reasons why…


10. Memorable Environments

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The original Dark Souls was filled with memorable environments, be it the vile swamps of Blight Town, the intimidating yet beautiful Anor Londo, the luscious forests of the Darkroot Garden or the invisible paths of the Crystal Caves. In fact, one of my favourite moments from the entire game was stumbling across a hollowed out tree trunk, reaching it’s base and walking out onto the vast, endless expanse of Ash Lake completely by accident. Of course what made each location so memorable was the new challenges that each one brought to the player.

Perhaps the best example is Sen’s Fortress, a hulking fortress only unlocked once you have beaten two of the game’s toughest bosses (For me at least) and rung the bells that lie past them. Upon entering the Fortress you are immediately greeted by what seem to be lizard-human hybrid guards and a variety of traps, ranging from giant boulders to out run or swinging scythes ready to cut you open at any point, not to mention the Iron Giant that waits at its peak. Dark Souls 2 has already given us a glimpse at some of its locations in it’s recent trailer, including what looks to be a Dragon Graveyard, or at the very least an area where a Dragon’s skeleton now resides. Either way, it is sure to provide us with even more incredible environments to add to those that are already some of my favourite from gaming history.

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This article was first posted on December 18, 2012