Darkstalkers 3 To Hit PS3 And Vita?

ESRB slap a Teen rating on the Capcom title for the two consoles, making the possibility of seeing the game return a distinct one.

Corey Milne


If the ESRB are any indication Darkstalkers 3 could be heading to the PS3 and Vita in the near future. The ratings board have recently plastered a Teen rating onto the game for the two consoles, which would seem something of a waste of time and resources if the release wasn’t coming.

Originally released in 1998 Darkstalkers was a 2D fighting game featuring a roster bursting with classy vampires, hard rocking zombies and cat ladies. While there isn’t much information at this point it’s safe to assume the game will be re-released as a PS1 classic.

Fans have been holding out for a brand new Darkstalkers game for some time now, and this release might be an indication that Capcom haven’t forgotten about the franchise. I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet though. Remember, these are the same guys who cancelled all future Megaman projects.

So what do you think? Is there room for Darkstalkers 3 on your gaming shelves? Let us know your thoughts below.