Dead Or Alive 5: 10 Reasons Why It’s A Must Buy Game

The Dead Or Alive series makes a comeback this month after nearly 7 years absent from our consoles.



The Dead Or Alive series has been absent on gaming consoles for nearly 7 years. The last game of the main series was released during the early life of the Xbox 360. Since then, gamers haven’t had a chance to return to their favourite DOA fighters outside of Dead Or Alive: Dimensions (released on the Nintendo 3DS).

The fighting game genre has been in a revitalised state since those early Xbox 360 days. From Super Street Fighter 4 to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. From Mortal Kombat 9 to Persona 4 Arena. There have been a flurry of fighting games appearing over the past few years and most of them have been met with good praise.

Now, Dead Or Alive 5 is releasing on Sept. 25th in North America and Sept. 28th in Europe/UK on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Team NINJA are looking to capitalise on the fighting genre resurgence by bringing back their own flagship fighting title. Is it a good idea? Well, having been following the game since its announcement last year, I’ve put together a list of reasons why Dead Or Alive 5 will be the game to buy come release date.

10. Team NINJA Is Looking To Raise Its Game

The first reason is directly related to the studio behind Dead Or Alive 5, Team NINJA. Team NINJA have been in a downward spiral as of late. After losing Tomonobu Itagaki and the abyssmal reception that Ninja Gaiden 3 received, Team NINJA is looking to bounce back with Dead Or Alive 5. They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure their game meets the fans’ expectations. Various showcasings of the game, at E3 2012 and GamesCom 2012, have been meet with positive feedback from professional fighting gamers. Even better, Team NINJA has been listening to those fans and is taking on any additional input that may further enhance the game for everyone to enjoy.