Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal: 10 Things We Learned

Bungie are doing everything right... unless you're on PC.

Destiny 2

After months of teasing and a couple cinematic trailers, Bungie have finally unveiled gameplay for the upcoming Destiny 2. What is there to take away from the reveal? Surprisingly, quite a lot.

Those who were expecting a short demo or extended teaser trailer were happily mistaken, as Bungie decided to hold - what was essentially - their own little E3 presentation. Over the course of an hour, Bungie discussed the story moving forward, the problems the game previously faced, the community that has formed around the game as well as, surprise surprise - gameplay.

Destiny was a game that had its own fair share of problems, but also many successes. The game ran out of content seemingly fast for the amount of time players were pouring into it, but Destiny also sported one of the best feeling gun mechanics in an FPS in recent memory. Destiny 2 is going to jump off where the first game ended, looking to have almost an identical feel to its predecessor (more on this later) all while being a fresh start for everyone.

There's going to be something for all those long-time loyal fans as well as any new players jumping in, but with all the new information, there's quite a lot to take in, starting with...

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