Devil May Cry: Demo Impressions

To say that Devil May Cry has had a rocky ride in its development cycle so far, would be an…

Barry O Halloran


To say that Devil May Cry has had a rocky ride in its development cycle so far, would be an understatement. The franchise, which began in 2001 has seen huge changes in the last few years; changes which haven’t exactly been appreciated by loyal fans. Suffice to say, when Capcom announced that they would be rebooting the series with new developer Ninja Theory at the helm, things got messy.

Some fans planned to boycott a ‘re-imagining’ of Dante and his demon slaying adventures, while others have quenched their hack ‘n’ slash thirst with rival games such as God of War and the excellent Bayonetta. While the game itself isn’t out until January next year, Ninja Theory have already released a demo on the Xbox Marketplace and PSN.

As a huge fan of the series, I was curious to see why Ninja Theory were so excited and now that I have spent some time with the demo, there’s only one question that matters.

Is it a return to form for Dante?

Yes. Well mostly so. Here are my first impressions of 4 core areas of DmC.

1. Gameplay

DmC has the same fast and furious action from previous games with a few key additions and one major detraction. Dante still has his classic twin pistols; Ebony and Ivory, as well as his sword Rebellion which utilizes both heavy and light attacks. New to the series are move-set modifiers, known as Angel Mode and Devil Mode. Using the trigger buttons, Dante can switch between a brutally powerful axe weapon, Arbiter, or a speedy scythe, Osiris.

Switching between weapons is fast and fluid and overall the combat is super responsive. Adding to the new abilities are Devil Pull and Angel Pull. These can be used for both chaining combos together (which with an easier score ranking system,should see you pull off some ridiculous scores) and also for platforming when not in combat.

The one gripe I have is the removal of the lock-on system. Ninja Theory have decided to use an auto lock-on which really annoyed me. It’s not game breaking but it just doesn’t make sense seeing as dodging is designated to both shoulder buttons. On the ground combat is perfect but aeriel combat is frustrating on the harder difficulties. Surely they could have included it? Still the combat is top notch. It’s fast and fun and the new additions flow seamlessly.