Dragon Age 4: Every Rumour & Leak You NEED To Know

9. It's Been Rebooted A Bunch Of Times

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Dragon Age 4, in one form or another, has been in development pretty much since Bioware finished up the DLC for Inquisition. Those expansion packs were intended to act as connective tissue between the two games, but sadly, the team that started on Dragon Age 4 back then aren't the ones currently in charge today.

According to Schreier's report, there have been two distinct versions of the sequel: One codenamed Joplin, and another called Morrison. The former was the first to enter pre-production, headed up by the same leads who worked on Inquisition, with the intention of building on the foundations that game set from both a narrative and technical perspective.

However, with Anthem needing all hands on deck to hit its deadline, Bioware cancelled that Dragon Age and moved the developers onto their other game. During this transition, a bunch of lead creatives left Bioware, including DA's long time creative director, Mike Laidlaw, with Morrison gaining an array of new higher ups.

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