Dynasty Warriors Character Quiz: How Well Will You Do?

Wei, Wu, Shu... who?


One of the most beloved and longest-running franchises in gaming history, Dynasty Warriors has racked up thousands upon thousands of hours played - all centring on the most overblown action possible. Representing one of multiple different dynasties fighting for a unified country, fans have hacked and slashed their way to full supremacy of China, through various means and tactics to undermine and destroy all opposition.

Although the story is borderline identical in every Dynasty Warriors game, the ability to decimate hordes of nondescript opponents in massively overpowered frenzies has immortal appeal. In contrast to the limited differences in games, each instalment makes up for it with a massive roster of characters to play as, each with their own individual weapons, skills and powers to obliterate whatever's in your way.

All that said, across 9 main instalments and various spin-offs, how is your character knowledge?


Answers at the end!

1. Who Is This?

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