E3 2018: 10 Things That Must Happen At Square Enix's Conference

Will we see Final Fantasy VII again?

Square Enix

With this year's E3, Square Enix really have the power to create not only their most memorable conference, but the best conference of this year.

This may seem like hyperbole, but the amount of beloved games that Square have under their belt right now is unprecedented, and we know that a lot of them will almost definitely be making an appearance during the show.

The main thing that crippled Square Enix during their conference in 2015 was the fact that they messed up the actual presenting part. It was insanely awkward and slow. Luckily this year won't have that problem as the conference will be pre-recorded, which really alleviates a lot of concern.

The games that we do know about, such as Kingdom Hearts III and The Avengers Project, both have potential to be massively successful and exciting, and the prospect of seeing more from them during the conference is enough to put them ahead of other publishers.

Even with regard to surprises, Square definitely has a lot of potential there too. New entries into dormant franchises, brand new titles that we've never seen before and sequels to the games that we love are all possible.

If Square can stuff enough updates for games coming soon and reveals for games we don't know about into their conference, they've got a real good chance at being the highlight of E3.


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