E3 2018: 8 Insane Predictions Most Likely To Come True

Is it finally time for Death Stranding's gameplay debut?


Spring is in full swing, summer's but a stone's throw away and, besides being your cue to book a holiday, the seasonal transition can only mean one thing: E3 is almost upon us.

The biggest event in the gaming calendar is set to kick off its three-day showcase of social media-shattering reveals and announcements next month and, like clockwork, leaks and rumours are inbound by the bucket load to help the masses shape their predictions for what lies in wait for attendees when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo lay their cards on the table.

As is customary, such suspicions range from believable to never-in-a-million-years inconceivable, but which of the lot are most likely to come true? Will the battle for definitive battle royale title by taken up a notch by the industry's biggest players? Will Nintendo announce a quasi-sequel akin to Majora's Mask for Breath of the Wild? Will Kojima finally have something more to show for Death Stranding other than a digital Norman Reedus?

Not until those doors open on June 12 will we have the definitive answers and until that time comes, the best anyone can do is scour the internet for clues and join the dots to discern the most logical outcome.

A PlayStation 5 announcement might not be on the cards for a reveal in 2018, but that doesn't rule out other types of hardware now, does it?


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