E3 2018: Predicting Release Dates For The Biggest Games

The agonising wait continues.

The Last Of Us Part II
Naughty Dog

E3 has come and gone for another year, and in its wake it leaves gamers avidly anticipating an epic slate of exciting new games due to be released sometime over the next few years.

Whether you're of the persuasion that new games are routinely announced too early or you actually love the years and years of hype, these are the biggest games that appeared at E3 and still remain without release dates.

Combining statements from the devs themselves with a little common sense and a dash of guess-work, it's possible to take a pretty decent stab at when these 17 games might finally land in gamers' hands.

However, the fickle, challenging nature of video game development means delays are practically inevitable in many cases. Still, from what we know so far, these dates feel like pretty solid bets for the most anticipated tentpole games from now until 2022.

Cross your fingers that at least a few of them might surprise everyone with earlier releases, but if games have taught us anything over the years, it's not to under-estimate the time-consuming, hurdle-filled nature of their creation...


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