EA Sports UFC 2: 10 Highest Rated Pound-For-Pound Fighters

Who makes the cut?

It's finally time. With EA Sports UFC 2 being released on March 15, MMA fans and gamers alike are licking their lips. Interest surrounding the UFC is currently sky-high following the upsets which recently took place at UFC 196 - with both Conor McGregor and Holly Holm losing in spite of being strong favourites. Ronda Rousey - who features alongside McGregor on the cover - was also dethroned in recent months, suffering a stunning loss to the later-dethroned Holm. With all that in mind, the second edition of the UFC game is going to be huge. As usual with the release of EA Sports games, everybody is talking about ratings. Who will be the highest-rated fighter on the game? On the other end of the spectrum, who will be the worst? Are the ratings fairly accurate? Has anybody been criminally underrated by EA? With over 250 fighters on the roster of UFC 2, there's certainly plenty to discuss. This article will look at the top 10 pound-for-pound fighters in the 250-person roster for EA Sports UFC 2. No, Mike Tyson didn't make the cut, in spite of his rather random inclusion in the game - but where does the recently defeated cover star Conor McGregor rank among the world's fighting elite? Let's take a look...

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