Every Pokémon Generation Ranked From Worst To Best

Sometimes you get badass dragons, sometimes you get bags of trash.


Pokémon is one of the most iconic and beloved gaming franchises of all time. From Pokémon Red and Blue, released in the late '90s on the original Game Boy, to Pokémon Go now, as well as anime, manga and film adaptations, multiple generations of kids and adults alike have delighted in catching, training and battling the varied monsters of the series.

The Pokémon themselves are a large part of what has made the franchise such a success. Unlike contemporaries such as Digimon, Pokémon has so many awesome characters you'd be hard pressed to name all your favourites.

Charizard is an icon of cool, the Eevee line have basically become a brand in their own right, and Pikachu is only a step or two below Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny in terms of international recognition.

Sadly, not all Pokémon are created equal, and while many are highly sought after, some are best left in the long grass. While no generation of Pokémon is entirely bad, some definitely had a higher level of quality, with later games in particular seeming to suffer from creative drought. But which generation is the very best (like no one ever was)?

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