Fallout 4: What To Expect

A recent tweet from the voice of the Capital Wasteland excited the gaming community. Erik Todd Dellums, better known as…

Jamie Callaghan


A recent tweet from the voice of the Capital Wasteland excited the gaming community. Erik Todd Dellums, better known as Three Dog, wrote, ‘To all my Fallout 3 and Three Dog fans: there may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers Crossed”. When asked to reveal more, he admitted that he had been given permission to release the teaser.

It raises all sorts of questions: is it a Fallout game or a film? It’s been two years since Fallout: New Vegas was released to mixed reviews from fans of the series. While the game was very well received by critics, few sequels have split fans as much as NV. Every comment section on a post with Fallout news always seems to include an argument about which game was better: Fallout 3 or New Vegas?

Both games were hugely popular and both had their positive points – F3 has a 93% rating on Metacritic for the 360 version, while NV received an 84% – but if the games could be blended together to form Fallout 4, both sets of fans should be happy.




Fallout New Vegas had the glitz and post-apocalyptic glamour of the Vegas area while F3 had the bleak dreariness of the Capital Wasteland: Washington DC. The latter was worse hit by the nuclear bombs which reflected in the state of the inner city, while Vegas remained a bustling town.

Vegas, thanks to the Hoover Dam and the combined work of New California Republic and Mr House, was still in pretty decent condition – the city was well protected and had several casinos in which to spend your hard earned cash. It was mostly restricted to humans – including a gang of Elvis impersonators and a disturbing group of cannibals – while the friendly Super Mutants were limited to their ski lodge overlooking the city.

Most of the threat came from the gangs in the surrounding areas. The Powder Gangers controlled the NCR Correctional Facility, the Great Khans encamped in the hills of the west, and Caesar’s Legion – the main protagonists – were fighting from the south east.

The Capital Wasteland was a more hazardous place. Entering the city itself involved a journey through the ghoul-infested Metro system. Super Mutants dominated and terrorised the inner city area. For someone who has never visited the USA I personally found Washington DC much more interesting to explore – the likes of the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital Building were more familiar than the Vegas locations. The city was much more layered and detailed than Vegas while the surrounding areas – such as Megaton and the brilliant Republic of Dave – really littered the map with worthwhile places to visit.

It really depends on what you prefer: the more safe but bright New Vegas setting or the desolate and dangerous Washington DC.