Fallout 5: 10 Ways To Blow Fallout 4 Out The Water

Time travel? Multiplayer? Come on Bethesda, pull your fingers out.

Fallout 5

By this point, every opinion of Fallout 4 that could be formed has been effectively expressed all over forums and Youtube. With Fallout 4's final DLC releasing in August, it's time to look forward and dream of the possibilities that could come with the next instalment in the Fallout series.

Regardless of how you personally felt about Fallout 4, everyone can agree that there are plenty of ways that the series can evolve and improve upon its already strong foundation. With the announcement of Fallout 4 for HTC Vive, the possibilities and potential for the series is already showing proving higher than ever before.

However, if the series is to grow and be the innovative step-forward that fans demand, the developers could use some ideas from their passionate fan base. They need to heed the additions and improvements that fans have already identified as the key to Fallout 5 becoming the superior sequel that both old and new fans can appreciate.

Here's how Fallout 5 Can Blow Fallout 4 Out Of The Water...

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