Fallout 5: 12 Things We Want To See

11. Current-Gen Graphics That Actually Look Current-Gen

Ever since the first trailer dropped for Fallout 4, there was much consternation about the quality of the game's graphics, which looked...just OK to be kind. When the game was finally released, this feeling was only enhanced, as gamers were able to get up close and personal with all of the game's visual elements, and little seemed to have improved since the summer reveal. Sure, the scope of the world looks fantastic and the quality of the world-building is undeniable, but in terms of textures and animations, the game is often straight-up ugly, and doesn't feel much advanced from New Vegas, especially for a game released on current-gen tech. Nobody expects Star Wars: Battlefront-quality graphics in a game as huge and ambitious as Fallout, but for the next one, for the love of God, please put some more effort into tightening up the visuals, because as much as gameplay trumps graphics, it's embarrassing that a 2015 game looks this low-rent.

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