Fallout 5: 8 Things That Need To Happen In 2018

8. Confirm A Location

Washington Monument Fallout 3

Long before fans knew anything about Fallout 4, they knew it was set in Boston. Repeatedly leaked thanks to documents escaping the Bethesda offices and the team being spotted scouting locations in the area, the setting for the fourth game sparked discussions long before the sequel was even confirmed to be real.

As a result, with pre-production no doubt underway on the next instalment in the franchise, news on the fifth game's setting could make its way into the hands of the public at some point next year. It's not clear why, but developers at any studio struggle to hide the fact that they're checking out certain locations to use in their games, with the likes of GTA V's version of LA also being revealed prior to the title itself.

If there's one piece of info that will leak before anything else then, it'll be Fallout 5's chosen post-apocalyptic city, which should reignite the hype moving into 2018.


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